What is "Futwom Scheme"?


The Future is a woman or "Futwom Scheme" is an innovative pilot project aiming to promote the integration and the empowerment of youth and young women in their bigger societies in a way that enables them to lead the change in their communities and to participate in shaping the future. It is a pattern of educational and Training Program. Globally, UMBAJA e. V applies the project in countries like Sudan to contribute to the ongoing process of women empowerment development in the country. 



What are the topics of "Futwom Scheme"?


  • Global Citizenship Education & Global Issues

  • Introduction to Responsible Business & Banks of Values

  • Introduction to Fundamentals of Businesses Start-up 

Who can join "Futwom Scheme"?

The Project is for Women, youth, and political activists. It is open for every woman who wants and has the motivation to join. The project is open to all women.

What does "Futwom Scheme" offer?

  • Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, and field visits concerning the topics of the Futwom Scheme.

  • Networking opportunities with individuals, institutions, and different stakeholders

  • Working spaces and facilities for office activities. 

  • international multicultural multilingual atmosphere.

When does "Futwom Scheme" start?

The project will be launched in 2021 in Sudan and Germany, nevertheless. Preliminary, there will be two workshops on the "Futwom Scheme" in September & October 2020 in Hannover, Germany, and The Hague, The Netherlands


How can I get more information about "Futwom Scheme"?


For more information and details about the Project "The Future is a Woman", please send us by using the below contact form, and we will contact you back.




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